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Community Lecture Series, Wednesdays at 7PM

March 7 Danielle Egnew presents “Leading with Love”.

March 14 Rafi-Ullah, an exchange student at MSU-B, from Pakistan, will discuss the role of Religion (Islam) in the creation of Pakistan and why the founder and pioneers of the Pakistan Movement chose Islam as their battle-cry to get a separate homeland. What were the consequences of the partition on the Hindu-Muslim basis?

March 21 Joan McCracken will introduce the video of Thomas L. Friedman, laying out the basis for his book, Thank Your for Being Late, and lead the discussion thereof.

March 28 Reality Check: Are Progressives 'Waging War in Rural America?'  Dr. Phil Jensen.  

Many progressive politicians promote a federal living wage. A living wage covers basic costs of living, but basic costs of living vary greatly nationwide. How, then, is a nationwide living wage even possible? (Further, is a true living wage possible across an entire state? Across a county?) During the last national election, many liberals were blindsided by their historic defeat in rural areas, where costs of living are lower. Perhaps ironically, liberals may make political inroads in rural areas by identifying with another minority group: rural Americans.

What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
— Mary Oliver