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Sunday Services, 10:30 AM

May  6    Rev.  Wanda  Daniel Living  on  the  Edge:  A  Beltane  Celebration

For  our  ancient  ancestors  this  time  of  year  marked  the  tilling  of  soil,  herding  the  cattle  to  pasture,  days  lengthening  and  sunshine  strengthening.    Like  the  bears  emerging  from  their  caves,  people  emerge  from  the  darkness  of  winter  and  celebrate  the  fertility  of  earth,  self,  and  life.    Today,  as  then,  such  celebration  invites  courage  as  we  dance  and  sing,  nourish  our  fertility  and  integrate  living  on  the  edge  as  whole  &  healthy  human  beings.    How  we  do  so  in  our  world  here  and  now  reveals  our  wisdom  and  creativity!

May  6  Noon  ****Special  Workshop Noon  
Loving  on  the  Edge:  Courageous,  Compassionate  Conversation

Led  by  Rev.  Wanda  Daniel,  Lunch  and  Childcare  Provided

At  times  living  on  the  edge  requires  gathering  for  courageous  and  compassionate  conversation  so  we  might  also  love  with  wisdom  on  those  edges.    As  thoughtful  and  discerning human  beings  we  bring  the  best  of  who  we  are  to  the  table  so  we  might  wisely  see  the  challenges  we  face  and  respond  in  ways  both  accepting  and  transforming.    Over  the  past  few  weeks  Billings  UU  Fellowship  has  struggled  with  how  best  to  welcome,  alongside  how  best  to  create  a  safe  space.    These  deep  and  profound  challenges  exist  in  so  many  places  these  days,  and  a  community  willing  to  converse  and  grow  reveals  a  community  rooted  and  reaching  in  becoming  humane.    Come  ~  bringing  yourself,  your  hopes  &  fears, your  love  of  this  community,  and  your  dreams  for  joy  &  beauty  in  this  world.

May  13    Marci  McLean-Pollock Finding  My  Own  Voice  in  Western  Native  Voice

The  Executive  Director  of  Western  Native  Voice  will  share  the  work  of  WNV  and  her  experiences  in  finding  her  own  leadership  voice  in  her  work.Since  2011,  Western  Native  Voice  has  been  working  to  inspire  Native  leadership  so  that  Native  communities  flourish  through  civic  engagement,  education,  leadership  development,  and  public  policy  advocacy.  

May 20  Judy  Fjell There  is  Unity

Judy  returns  to  Billings  to  share  the  joy  of  unity  through  song  and affirmation:
There  is  a  unity  that  makes  us  one.
All  souls  are  worthy  and  sacred.  
There  is  salvation  in  this  lifetime.
Courageous  love  will  transform  the  world and  truth  continues  to  unfold  and  be  revealed.

May  27  Dave  Pauli Animals:  A Source  of  Wisdom

Northern  Rockies  Regional  Director  of  the  Humane  Society  of  the  United  States, DavePauli, will  be  speaking  about  his  experiences  and  the  wisdom  he  has  gained  working  with  people  and  animals.Care  and  concern  for  animals  are  at  the  center  of  what  he  does.

What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
— Mary Oliver