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Sunday Services, 10:30 AM

March 4: Dr. Celene Lillie  Learning from the Gospel of Mary

The Gospel of Mary comes to us today in fragments. These fragments not only bear witness to the leadership roles played by women at the beginnings of Christianity, but to the controversy surrounding and animosity towards them.  In this partial book, Mary Magdalene is shown to be the “apostle to the apostles”—comforting, teaching, and encouraging the community of Jesus followers to which she belongs.  But it is not only her leadership which is striking, but the special teachings she receives from Jesus, practices which she relays to those in Jesus’s inner circle.  But despite the controversy these teachings provoke, it is these very practices that provide the opportunity for Mary to bridge the divisions within her community.  Together, we will explore the Gospel of Mary and ask: What were these practices?  What might they teach us?  How might they inform and inspire us today?  Celene Lillie (Ph.D., Union Theological Seminary), a presenter at this year’s Jesus Seminar on the Road, will be with us to share her research and engagement with this fascinating gospel.

March 11: Rev. Dr. Carolyn Rosen   Christianity and Social Justice

Carolyn Rosen will speak about the history of the Christian faith's relationship with social justice issues. She will focus on her personal experience with social justice projects in the U.K. and U.S., and especially on the theological rationale for the social justice efforts of Christians in America, and Billings, today.

March 18: Rev. Dwight Welch  Crossing the Religious Divide: MSUB and Beyond ???

Rev. Dwight Welch is the new campus minister for United Campus Ministry at Montana State University Billings and is ordained in the United Church of Christ. He recently moved from Oklahoma where he taught religion and philosophy at Oklahoma City Community College. A Montanan native, he is married to Jim Reindollar and has two cats and after two decades is glad to be back in the Big Sky state.

March 25  Rev. Kali DeHart Everything in Moderation  

Please join this Sunday as UU pastor Rev. Kali DeHart joins us from our neighboring Sheridan congregation. As we head into spring, Kali hopes to remind us how finding balance in our lives is a worthwhile spiritual practice. She will share some insights from Buddhism and her own life experience.

What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
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