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Sunday Services, 10:30 AM

April 1 Dr. Phil Jensen, Rurality Check: Do Liberals Really Embrace

Progressives often speak of embracing diversity. Nonetheless, much of
the nationwide discourse on the political left is openly hostile to those with
different views, and many liberal policy proposals ignore key forms of diversity, like rural costs of living when determining a federal living wage.  Progressives might do well, both philosophically and politically, to reevaluate their understanding of diversity, and their toleration of it.

April 8 Dr. M. Ruhul Amin, Introduction to Islam and the Danger of
Islamophobia in America

In America, when people think about Islam, the first thing that comes to mind is terrorism. This is a misconception about a faith practiced by more than 1.8 billion people worldwide. The very name Islam is derived from the root Arabic word Salam which means peace. Islam is not a new religion proposed by Prophet Muhammad 1400 years ago in Arabian Peninsula. It is the continuation of the same monotheistic religion preached and practiced by
the Prophet Abraham. As people of conscience, we should be alarmed about this bigotry for it opens the door to other prejudices and narrow mindedness.
Islamophobics are trying to create the mass hysteria against Islam which
endangers all Americans.

April 15 Rev. Stacey Siebrasse, Taking Big World Faith Back to Small
Town Montana.

The world is so much bigger than Lutheran pastor, Stacey
Siebrasse, knew before traveling abroad and living in the Bay Area. Join us on April 15th as she shares how her experiences have shaped the way she works, lives, and loves in her home state.

April 22 Kris Prinzing and Walt Gulick Intelligence Considered; an
Interspecies Dialog

Philosopher Walt Gulick and sapiens-cynic Kris Prinzing discuss the varieties of intelligence and communication. To what extent does human language add or subtract from understanding the world?

April 29 Tom Nurmi American Magnitudes: Literature, Science, and
Spirituality in Nineteenth-Century America

This talk explores how the concept of "magnitude" enabled nineteenth-century writers to speculate about the intersections between literature and science. These writers often found spiritual faith in eroding distinctions between “natural” forms of creation (rocks) and “human” ones (poems), a spirituality of resilience that speaks to our current century in important ways.

What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
— Mary Oliver